Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey! You! Get off of Google’s cloud! | Jack Shafer [Reuters]

A Reuters round-up of rejected Reader repercussions (see the link below for links to the other perspectives)
"One thing I didn’t do was to write a column accusing Google of betraying my trust, as Om Malik, James Fallows, Ezra Klein, Alex Hern of the New Statesman, The Week, and others did. Nor did I vow not to use Google’s new product, an Evernote substitute called Google Keep, ‘lest the company yank the rug out from under me again. I never trusted Google in the first place. I never thought it would support its products forever. As Slate’s Google graveyard attests, the company has routinely created and abruptly killed off software services, often tossing out the minimum viable product and watching to see if it caught on before putting any further effort into developing it."
Hey! You! Get off of Google’s cloud! | Jack Shafer

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