Thursday, December 20, 2012

Is IMS a NoSQL database? []

A timely NoSQL reality check, consistent with a quote in a recent Philip Greenspun post: "[...] 'well, it sounded really cool at first, until I realized that NoSQL is just another name for what people did before there were relational databases'."
"Frankly, this is daft. If VSAM, Adabas and IMS qualify as NoSQL databases then the term NoSQL has no useful meaning. As I have mentioned in previous articles, graph databases and triple stores are NoSQL databases. And since DB2 has a triple store, that technically makes it a NoSQL database!"
Is IMS a NoSQL database?

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Unknown said...

NoSQL Database is designed to handle unstructured files such as weblogs, documents, videos and graphics. It’s helpful when working with a huge quantity of data.

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