Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Billions (of API requests) Served | Evernote Tech Blog

See the full post for an overview of Evernote big data analytics with Hadoop, ParAccel, and Jaspersoft
"Evernote stores hundreds of terabytes of online data in order to preserve our users’ memories. Over the last four years, 36.8 million people have created Evernote accounts, and together have uploaded more than 1.2 billion notes with more than 2 billion attachments.
The online application has generated a continuous stream of structured logs, which record high-level activity performed via our APIs from clients and web interfaces. These logs have grown with time and usage so that now we’re recording nearly 200 million events per day, with more than 66 billion events since our launch in 2008."
Billions (of API requests) Served | Evernote Tech Blog

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