Monday, August 20, 2012

What Really Scares Apple’s Competitors | TechPinions

A timely Apple reality check
"But the consensus from those I talked to about what really scares them about Apple is the fact that Apple sees the future and then creates products that people want even if people do not know they want them. This has befuddled them for 15 years or since Steve Jobs came back in 1997 to rescue Apple. Most of the OEMs create their products along a more evolutionary timeline. They create new desktops, laptops, smartphones and even tablets with the idea of just making them faster and better looking.
But Apple takes a very different line of attack. They approach their future products in two ways. The first thing they do is to look at an existing product and find its flaws. Then they redesign it around what they believe consumers want and then tie it to advanced software and eventually services to create complete solutions. This is the cause of Apple’s competitor’s first fears about Apple and having to compete with them."
What Really Scares Apple’s Competitors | TechPinions

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