Friday, August 24, 2012

Facebook's Is Bigger Than Yours - Businessweek

Some examples of what Facebook's 955M+ users are up to
"Here’s a recap of some of the latest and greatest figures that capture the staggering volume of data Facebook handles:
• Every day, people share 2.5 billion different items (which includes such things as status updates, wall posts, photos videos, and comments).
• People “Like” 2.7 billion things every day. [...]
• Remember all those photo-sharing sites around before Facebook? No? Well, that’s because people upload 300 million photos to their Facebook pages each day.
• As for that big, old, Hadoop cluster that Parikh celebrated? Well, Facebook’s largest cluster—or collection of data-center computers—can handle more than 100 petabytes of information. One petabyte is the equivalent of about 250 billion pages of text.
• Facebook has a homegrown system called Hive that it uses to collect and keep track of all its data. Every 30 minutes, the Hive system combs through 105 terabytes of data. More than 500 terabytes are sucked into the database each day."
Facebook's Is Bigger Than Yours - Businessweek

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