Monday, August 20, 2012

Disruptions: The Next Wave for the Wristwatch -

Coming soon: watches banned in meetings
"It is the extension of the phone that is appealing. “The wrist becomes a remote screen where you now have the ability to control your phone with a number of different applications,” said Stephen Sneeden, Sony’s product marketing manager. “By virtue of the intelligence of the smartphone, it’s going to help to redefine what goes on your wrist.”
Another reason it may catch on: Mr. Sneeden said business executives were drawn to the Sony Smartwatch because it allowed them to interact with their phones in meetings without seeming rude. (He also said flight attendants did not require people to turn off their watches during takeoff and landing.) But just offering an extra screen for the wrist might not be enough."
Disruptions: The Next Wave for the Wristwatch -

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