Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Facebook Timeline Bumps Online Narcissism Up a Notch -

It’s looking likely Facebook may have to provide some user options in the new timeline view, as it has recently done with its new feed

Chris Cox, Facebook’s vice president for engineering, explained at the f8 conference that Timeline was inspired by Nicholas Felton, a designer who has spent the past several years of his life chronicling the esoteric intricacies of each day. Mr. Felton tracked everything from the number of miles he traveled each year (including walking, driving and flying) to the types of beverages he drank each day. As Mr. Felton told me in an interview last year, he didn’t track and share this information as a display of self love, he did it out of a mathematical curiosity. But most people don’t have that curiosity.

For Timeline to work, Facebook will need to tone “me” down a notch, and instead highlight my friends on the social network.

Facebook Timeline Bumps Online Narcissism Up a Notch -

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