Friday, June 24, 2011

Marrying deep search and collaboration: KMWorld [on Traction + Attivio]

Another #e2conf snapshot: I continue to be impressed (as I have been for several years) by Traction Software; check the article link below for a summary and this Traction page for more details on the latest TeamPage release.  While it may not (yet…) be trendy to be the market-leading collaborative hypertext journaling platform, I believe that’s what the Traction team has created, and that TeamPage’s underlying architecture and flexibility, especially when used in conjunction with Attivio for faceted search and navigation, make it especially powerful for the various types of tools and services (workspaces, blogs, wikis, activity streams, tagging, tasks, etc.) now commonly associated with “social” software/services.

Traction Software has released TeamPage Attivio Search Plus to index and search external sources and TeamPage's Social Enterprise Web to discuss, tag, task, share and badge internal or external content. These TeamPage options connect TeamPage with structured data or unstructured content in sources including Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, Microsoft Exchange, file servers, SQL databases, intranets, and the public Web.

Using TeamPage Attivio Search Plus and TeamPage's Social Enterprise Web, external documents, pages and transactions are now able to become social objects seamlessly integrated with Traction TeamPage's action tracking, search, collaboration and communication.

p.s. the list of sources accessible via Attivio also includes Lotus Notes databases

p.s.s. Attivio is not an XQuery-based system; hmm…

Marrying deep search and collaboration: KMWorld

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Greg Lloyd said...

Peter - Thanks for the kind words! It's always a pleasure to take a deep dive with a person who has personally contributed to the vision and execution for Lotus, Groove, and Microsoft products in this space on top of your analyst experience.