Monday, June 20, 2011

Inside Facebook's Next Billion Dollar Business [Business Insider]

Another reason for Apple to unfriend Facebook

But the next big endeavor is music, Giga Om says in a report revealing Facebook's upcoming big social music service.

Here's how it will look, according to Giga Om: your Facebook homepage will include a Music tab leading to a Music Dashboard where you will be able to listen to music and see what music your friends are listening to.

Facebook will partner with Spotify but also other services to provide the service. There have long been talks of some kind of big partnership between Spotify and Facebook when it launches in the US, but it seems that it's only a small part of a much broader endeavor to build a huge social music service.

The goal is to do for music what it did for games: use its social graph to help Facebook users discover music and help music startups get users.

Inside Facebook's Next Billion Dollar Business

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