Friday, January 21, 2011

Que: Web-Centric Microsoft OneNote Usage Scenarios

An excerpt from another entry in my OneNote article series.  The Web-centric article is the fourth in what’s currently a series of seven articles; check this page for an index of links to the previously-published topics

Microsoft OneNote has been primarily known, since its initial release in Office 2003, as a client application for note-taking. However, with OneNote 2010 and its companion OneNote Web App client, used in conjunction with Windows Live SkyDrive or SharePoint, Microsoft has significantly expanded the range of web-centric scenarios OneNote can usefully address. While still straightforward and simple for note-taking needs, OneNote has evolved to also serve as a powerful and web-centric hypertext information management and collaboration solution.

The previous article in this series, “Microsoft OneNote: Complementing Other Office Applications,” included a review of several options for integrating OneNote with other Office applications. In general, the same options apply for content accessed through web browser clients, especially Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE). In this article, we’ll review options for sending web content to OneNote, linking OneNote and web pages, and web-centric content authoring in OneNote.

Que: Web-Centric Microsoft OneNote Usage Scenarios

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