Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can Employers Fire Over Facebook Gaffes? -

Check the story link below for some current case examples

Part of the problem is that social networks are brimming over with personal information of employees and job applicants. Along with various suits that have grabbed media attention, the potential for further litigation is broad, lawyers caution. For example, a worker could file a sexual-harassment suit after a manager repeatedly tries to "friend"”her on Facebook. Or an applicant might accuse a hiring manager of reneging on a job offer after learning the candidate's religious affiliation on Twitter.

"Social media is about communicating all the no-nos"”of office life, such as political views, says Shanti Atkins, an attorney who is chief executive of ELT Inc., a San Francisco firm selling online training services in workplace-compliance areas such as social media.

Certainly, many of these types of disputes may never get far, and new laws may arise that change the landscape. Still, numerous cases have made it to court—or are on their way.

Can Employers Fire Over Facebook Gaffes? -

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