Wednesday, January 19, 2011

iPhone OneNote App May Mean More Office Apps to Come: Tech News and Analysis « [GigaOM]

I believe full OneNote clients for the iPad and Mac would be the most productive next Office investments for Microsoft, along with OneNote Mobile for Android (and, if the Android slate market takes off, a full OneNote client for that device category as well).  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are productivity application category-defining products, but OneNote is uniquely well-positioned to advance the way people interact with information items and one another through shared workspaces.

The OneNote Mobile for iPhone app is just one piece of software that helps users sync their notes to a Windows Live Skydrive account. But it may signal that potentially more Microsoft productivity apps will come to iOS. There are other third-party mobile productivity options available, like Documents To Go, but few are as popular as Word and Excel. If you listen to the words of Takeshi Numoto, corporate VP for Microsoft Office, those apps may not be far off either.

“As new pieces of technology — new browsers, mobile hardware, smart phones and social networks — become bigger parts of (people’s) lives, they expect familiar technology, like Office, to help them access their ideas wherever they are. Today’s release is another step in Office evolving to serve our 750 million customers worldwide. Whether it’s on a PC or Mac, a mobile phone, or online through the Office Web Apps on multiple browsers, we continue to bring Office to the devices, platforms, and operating systems our customers are using. It should be about the ideas and information, not the device, right?,” Numoto wrote on the Microsoft Office blog.

iPhone OneNote App May Mean More Office Apps to Come: Tech News and Analysis «

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