Thursday, November 25, 2010

Google’s Chrome OS Is Prepared for a Netbook -

An attempt to make sense of the Chrome OS strategy – perhaps the plan is to supply an OS from Google for which hardware partners won’t have to pay vendors other than Google for intellectual property licenses (unlike, e.g., Android)

Google says it will become clearer by the end of the year, when the company will introduce to the public a lightweight netbook computer that runs Chrome. Though Google declined to give details of the device, it is expected to be manufactured by another company and branded by Google, similar to the way Google released its Nexus phone, which runs on Android.

Google has high hopes for Chrome, and as the company weathers criticism for relying too much on search advertising for revenue, its executives have been describing Chrome as one of Google’s new businesses with huge potential.

Google’s Chrome OS Is Prepared for a Netbook -

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