Saturday, November 20, 2010

As Tech Deals Boom, Talk Turns to Bubbles -

The latest Harper’s Index page (available only to subscribers) notes that there were 164 episodes of Happy Days after the one in which Fonzie jumped the shark…

Many of the big players are back for a reunion. Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley’s star Internet analyst who was once known as the Queen of the Internet, had been relatively quiet for the last 10 years. Just this week, however, she surfaced again with a stunning new prediction:  advertising for mobile Web would become a $50 billion business. Morgan Stanley, Ms. Meeker’s home, is the top adviser to technology mergers this year, just as it was during some of the boom years.

Then consider the return (don’t call it a comeback) of the dean of techology bankers, Frank P. Quattrone. Mr. Quattrone dominated Silicon Valley deal-making in 2000, earning more than $100 million in a single year. Now he is back in full form, having founded the advisory firm Qatalyst Partners in 2008.

As Tech Deals Boom, Talk Turns to Bubbles -

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