Sunday, July 05, 2009

The W3C Kills XHTML in Favor of HTML 5! | Bex Huff

A timely reality check – see the full post 

The W3C has announced that it is dropping support for the XHTML 2 working group, in favor of HTML 5. Now, I'm a big fan of HTML5, but I don't see this as necessarily good news...


Now... part of me feels this is bad... because now that they can no longer ruin XHTML, the W3C can just focus all of its energies on ruining HTML. I'm also irked by the justifications the W3C put forward about dropping XHTML:

HTML and XHTML 2 working groups were formed by W3C in March 2007. "Basically, two years ago we chartered two working groups to work on similar things, and that created confusion in the marketplace," said Ian Jacobs, W3C representative.

Yeah, right... they were doing "similar things." Not even close, Ian. Allow me to translate: the W3C doesn't have a clue what people need the web to do, so we're going to allow Apple and Mozilla to figure it out for us, then we'll claim credit!

The W3C Kills XHTML in Favor of HTML 5! | Bex Huff

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