Friday, July 31, 2009

NewsGator Passes Million-Enterprise-User Milestone and Deepens Relationship With Microsoft

Hmm – so apparently Newsgator has a thriving business on SharePoint, and is switching customers for its free products to Google Reader?  See the full press release for more details

NewsGator today cited strong momentum in the growing enterprise social computing market, reporting that over one million paid business users now take advantage of its Social Sites enterprise social computing solutions. Social Sites helps a wide range of organizations harness the value of social networking, but the financial services, pharma/biotech, professional services, high-tech, and aerospace and defense industries have been the strongest adopters of the technology. 

I’ve been a happy FeedDemon user for many years, but I’ll likely switch when NewsGator drops the ability to sync unread indicators across multiple PCs.

NewsGator Company Info - Press Archive

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