Saturday, April 18, 2009

With Oprah Onboard, Twitter Grows -


Some power users, like Andrew Davis, chief strategy officer for TippingPoint Labs, an online marketing company, worry that Twitter’s potential to transform how millions of people communicate online is diminishing as more people use it.

“When someone like Oprah, who is a very smart businesswoman, sees that a new media platform is worthy of her engaging on it, it signifies a real sea change,” he said. “The mega-celebrity marketing machine that is Oprah seems like the next level of adoption.”

Mr. Davis said the service was overflowing with messages, known as tweets, making it hard to filter out the important ones. Indeed, within moments of Ms. Winfrey’s first post, thousands of tweets began flowing through the system each second, welcoming the media mogul to the service.

“People can no longer digest the content,” Mr. Davis said. “You start to think, what am I really getting out of this service?”

With Oprah Onboard, Twitter Grows -

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