Thursday, April 23, 2009

IPhone Sales Push Up Apple’s Profits -

Looks like anticipatory marketing to me – for a larger form-factor iPod/iPhone device

Apple watchers anticipate that the company will unveil new iPhones at its Worldwide Developers Conference in June and perhaps a tablet device later in the year. Discussing rumors that the company would develop a so-called netbook — a small, low-cost laptop with limited features — Mr. Cook expressed little interest.

“When I look at what is being sold in the netbook space today, I see cramped keyboards, terrible software, junky hardware, very small screens,” he said. “And just not a consumer experience, and not something that we would put the Mac brand on, quite frankly.”

Mr. Cook also said that the iPod Touch or iPhone were worthy alternatives to “small computers that do browsing and e-mail.”

IPhone Sales Push Up Apple’s Profits -

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