Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time Warner Expects to Spin Off AOL -

The former AOL Time Warner prepares to spin off both AOL and Time; maybe they will rename what’s left “Warner”. Also see “When in Doubt, Spin It Out” for related analysis of both AOL and Skype.

In a regulatory filing Wednesday, Time Warner said it was nearing a decision to spin off America Online, and put an end to the travails that began with the merger in 2000 of the two companies, a deal that has resulted in the evaporation of more than $100 billion of shareholder value.

“Although the company’s board of directors has not made any decision, the company currently anticipates that it would initiate a process to spin off one or more parts of the businesses of AOL to Time Warner’s stockholders, in one or a series of transactions,” the company said in the filing.

Time Warner Expects to Spin Off AOL -

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