Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Walk Through the Productivity Future Vision Video - Office Labs

Check out the videos referenced in this post (starting with this one) for a compelling vision of the future of information technology

There has been a lot of buzz around the Microsoft Productivity Future Vision video since it was unveiled by Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft Business Division. Many people have been asking for more information about the scenarios shown in the video, the underlying technologies, and how the video relates to Microsoft’s overall vision and ongoing product development roadmap.

In response to many of these questions, and in an effort to encourage more dialogue around the emerging technology explored in the video, we have created two additional videos. Each is designed to give you a deeper view into the story behind the Productivity Future Vision video and how Microsoft is working toward delivering these kinds of productivity scenarios in the years ahead.

A Walk Through the Productivity Future Vision Video - Office Labs


Joel Demay said...

Thanks for the link, about to watch. I'm not sure the Silverlight team is happy about the office team using Adobe's Flash to broadcast it's content on the Internet. Or maybe they don't see Silverlight as relevant anymore in that rosy future they are painting ?

pbokelly said...

I expect you'll see a gradual transition to Silverlight on Microsoft sites; I wouldn't read too much into the use of Flash for some content today.

Unknown said...

"Director of Envisioning" I love that title. Very cool stuff.