Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tim Berners-Lee is cybercrime victim

This brief Computerworld article is a stark reality check, on the 20th anniversary of the World Wide Web’s creation; see the full article for more details, with Sir Tim Berners-Lee commenting on the mixed blessing nature of the Web (e.g., finding information about curing diseases … or making bombs)

Tim Berners-Lee, who is known as the founder of the World Wide Web, has revealed that he was the victim of online fraud after purchasing a gift online.

Berners-Lee, who is credited with developing the idea of the World Wide Web 20 years ago, told the Telegraph: "The worst thing that has happened to me was when I tried to buy a Christmas present from a company that looked like a bona fide company on the Internet and then actually they were a completely fake company. I think I am yet to get the money back, but it wasn't a lot."

Tim Berners-Lee is cybercrime victim

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