Tuesday, August 19, 2008

IBM - What is the difference between Notes.exe and Nlnotes.exe?

If you're running the Notes 8.0x client and you don't see much benefit from the full Java framework in the full Notes 8 client, executing nlnotes.exe rather than notes.exe can be the difference between reasonable performance and not, depending on your PC's hardware configuration (e.g., if you have less than two gigabytes of RAM...);  nlnotes.exe launches the "basic" Notes 8 client 

What is the difference in function between the two executable files, Notes.exe and Nlnotes.exe? Both of these files are located in the Notes program directory.

Source: IBM - What is the difference between Notes.exe and Nlnotes.exe?


Carl Tyler said...

That's an old technote.

Notes in Notes8 does a lot more. It loads the eclipse based version of Notes if the -sa option isn't used for example.

pbokelly said...

Thanks, Carl -- I realized it was a stale tech note, but I couldn't find a more recent one explaining the differences between notes.exe and nlnotes.exe

The Plaid Cow said...

Are there any essential email features that I will miss by running nlnotes.exe as opposed to the full notes.exe environment?

I'm just looking for something lighter weight that will actually run on my machine with only 512MB of RAM.

pbokelly said...

It basically works like Notes 7.x but with in-line spell-check etc. The new templates and features designed for the Eclipse-based Notes client are missing.