Saturday, August 30, 2008

An Astonishingly Arrogant V.P. Selection - The Plank [The New Republic]

One of a zillion or so interesting articles on McCain/Palin this morning; read the full essay and check out an index of other TNR articles (titled "Palin in Comparison")

It may be John McCain's birthday, but it seems like he's the one giving out gifts today. The selection of Palin doesn't simply, as others have pointed out, undermine the notion that Obama is too inexperienced to be president; it gives Obama the chance to actually take the edge on national security while making John McCain's age a central issue of the campaign.

On a related note, an except from an email message I received yesterday:

Not enough experience & unprepared =
A 47 year old Harvard trained attorney, president of the law review, years teaching constitutional law, working as a civil rights attorney, serving on the senate foreign relations committee, ivy league undergrad, etc ...

Enough experience & prepared =
A 44 year old mother of a 4 month old downs syndrome baby, undergraduate degree in journalism from idaho, worked as a television sports reporter, runner-up to Miss Alaska, no national or international political experience, etc ....

Since when does being mayor of a town of 8,000 people in a remote suburb qualify someone to be a heartbeat away from the presidency of the free world? Since when does a lack of formal education in political science, law, and business, and no graduate level education at all, signify the preparedness to be commander in chief?

Does McCain just not get it? Or does he really believe independent female voters are stupid? This selection for VP is an insult to women and to the presidency. There are plenty of well-trained and qualified women, but they are all pro-choice so he couldn't pick them. If you ever doubted McCain is a flip-flopper who will do anything for a vote ... think again.

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An Astonishingly Arrogant V.P. Selection - The Plank

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