Friday, July 11, 2008

Platformonomics - A Major Milestone

Charles Fitzgerald on the recent avatar "teleportation" headline; see his full post for more context-setting.

Looking ahead, with enterprise suitability and interoperability now firmly in hand for the burgeoning enterprise virtual worlds market, IBM will no doubt turn its attention to the security problems raised by interoperability.  After all, you wouldn't want more typical Second Life denizens teleporting into your enterprise-class virtual world.  Expect a hue and cry about illegal virtual immigration, foreign avatars soaking up system resources and taking virtual jobs away from local avatars.  Politicians, responding to virtual outrage, will demand action.  And then, enter the virtual world lock-down solution with IBM Tivoli Avatar Access Firewall Manager for zSeries Enterprise Class Virtual Worlds.  Because sometimes you have to create the problem before you can solve it...

With Fake Steve gone, I hope Charles increases his posting frequency :)

Platformonomics - A Major Milestone

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