Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Microsoft to link with Netflix - The Boston Globe

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In an interview, Hastings said Netflix is working on deals to embed its movie-streaming software in devices from three major consumer-electronics companies. The company invested $40 million last year to support the TV service, which Hastings said will add to profit beginning in 2010.

"We're definitely building up a big head of steam, 2008 and 2009 are the strategic investment years. By 2010 we'll be able to maximize revenue and profits," Hastings said.

Fewer movies are available online or on demand through viewers' televisions. Netflix has Internet rights to 10,000 movies, compared with more than 100,000 available on DVD, according to the company's website. On-demand TV service is included in Netflix plans costing $8.99 to $23.99 a month.

FYI Hastings is also a Microsoft board member; small world...

Microsoft to link with Netflix - The Boston Globe

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