Thursday, July 10, 2008

Data Center Strategies: VMware: Welcome to the Game.

Extensive and insightful analysis from my Burton Group colleague Drue Reeves; read the full post for details and projections

Now that the initial shock of Diane Greene's resignation has begun to subside, the "what happened" question begins to loom as people try to understand what is going on at VMware -- a company that has had the biggest tech IPO since Google.

The elephant in the room is whether the relationship between Diane Greene and Joe Tucci (EMC CEO and VMware chairman) was strained. I want to put that aside for a second and talk about the real issue that perhaps contributed or even led to yesterday's events... because whatever your feelings are about the tension between the two, it is secondary (at least) to the real problem -- competitive strategy in an increasingly competitive market.

Data Center Strategies: VMware: Welcome to the Game.

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