Tuesday, March 14, 2006

FTPOnline.com: Live Messenger Ignites IM Mash-Up Wars

FTPOnline.com: "To check out the programming facilities MSN is exposing, go to Messenger Gadget for Live.com. {Gadgets are new Microsoft-speak for small applets from Vista and Windows Live.} It allows people to launch Messenger Bots and Activities (some mashups) right from the Gadget as long as they are running MSN Messenger 7.5, Windows Live Messenger 8.0, or later. There is an overview of Gadget development and a blog on Gadget development has updates, and the Gadget Builder has more information. Other pages are Getting Started with Live.com Gadgets, and Building a simple gadget for Live.com. They'll also give you information on using DHTML and Ajax, while you're at it."

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