Wednesday, July 06, 2005

LinuxWorld | Open source vs. Windows: security debate rages

LinuxWorld | Open source vs. Windows: security debate rages: "In its report, 'Securing Open Source Infrastructure,' Burton Group dispels any notion that open source software is inherently more secure simply because more people can look at it.
'Experience shows this simply isn't true,' the research firm states, calling it 'the myth of more eyes,' citing case after case where no one spotted critical flaws in open source code.
Burton Group also points out the potential for developers placing back doors in open source code, and that when it comes time for the open source community to fix the inevitable vulnerabilities, businesses using it might come to rely on the 'whim of individuals rather than organizations they are more accustomed to dealing with,' Burton Group notes. The firm adds that dealing with traditional vendors isn't necessarily any better. "

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