Thursday, July 07, 2005

Go Founder Finally Gets Evidence He Needs to Sue Microsoft

Go Founder Finally Gets Evidence He Needs to Sue Microsoft: "'I've made it clear that we view an Intel investment in Go as an anti-Microsoft move,' then Microsoft CEO Bill Gates wrote in a message to then Intel CEO Andy Grove. 'I am asking you not to make any investment in Go.' Kaplan describes Microsoft's efforts to undermine Go as 'a corporate mugging' and they certainly appear to be similar to tactics Microsoft used to keep Netscape and Sun Java off of PCs almost a decade later.
Kaplan learned about the evidence involving Go last year when he was subpoenaed in the Minnesota case. In April, he secured the rights to Go Computer--and thus the right to sue on Go's behalf--from AT&T spin-off Lucent Technologies. It should be an interesting case, assuming it ever goes to court. My guess is that Microsoft will settle with Kaplan, as it has so many times in the past."

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