Thursday, July 14, 2005

IBM's Cloudscape Versus MySQL

IBM's Cloudscape Versus MySQL "With its small footprint and the fact that it's easily deployed and embedded in Java applications, the Cloudscape/Derby RDBMS is the no-brainer choice for Java developers—especially if you're on a limited budget but require the transactional capabilities of a real database.
So Cloudscape/Derby is a natural for Java developers—but it is also good for building and deploying C, Perl, or PHP applications, so the non-Java developer should also consider Cloudscape/Derby as an alternative to MySQL. The client access to Cloudscape uses the same underlying client libraries and database access protocol that is used to access DB2 UDB servers on various platforms, by the way, so if you're in a DB2 shop, you've got that added advantage.
Given that Derby is now offered as part of the Apache Software Foundation, the time may come to consider open source database alternatives to MySQL."

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