Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ed Brill [commentary on] BusinessWeek: Combat Over Collaboration

Ed Brill [commentary on] BusinessWeek: Combat Over Collaboration: "BusinessWeek: Combat Over Collaboration
Cliff Reeves on 4/8/2005 11:07:28 AM [...] 4/9/2005 5:21:27 AM"

Who needs reality TV when we have blogs with comment threads? Consider gems such as "[Cliff:] I'm a Notes fan, so no argument about its appeal. Also, no debate aboiut IBM's willingness to support Notes and Domino for many years, just as they did OS/2."

Adding my $.02 to the mix:
1. The Forbes article was awful "journalism" -- distorted, subjective, etc.
2. The BusinessWeek article was better reporting but still a bit on the "It's only a matter of time until Microsoft owns everything" theme.
3. I spend a lot of time talking with senior IT execs at enterprises that use both IBM and Microsoft communication/collaboration products, and I know for certain that the market dynamics are far more complex than either Forbes or BW suggested.
4. In any case, it's great to see renewed focus and debate on communication/collaboration topics...

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