Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cisco Adds Sipura to Consumer VOIP Lineup

Cisco Adds Sipura to Consumer VOIP Lineup: "Cisco Systems has inked an agreement to acquire Sipura Technology, a voice-over-IP provider, to spark new development in its Linksys division.
Under the agreement, Cisco will pay approximately $68 million in cash and options for Sipura. The deal is expected to close in June 2005 after regulatory and shareholder approval.
Once the acquisition of Sipura's technology and expertise is integrated into Cisco, the company expects to speed toward creating new products within its Linksys division."

Tangent: I've had a significant shift in my audio interaction model lately; more than 50% of my discussions with Burton Group colleagues are now via Skype and nearly all other discussions, when I'm at my desk, are via Vonage. Skype still crashes occasionally but works well overall, and Vonage has been working very well for me lately.

Meanwhile, my new mobile phone is mostly a negative experience. I picked it up at zero cost thanks to rebates etc. but I'm still not sure it was worth it...

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