Friday, April 15, 2005

CRN | Breaking News | Microsoft's Jim Allchin On Longhorn

CRN | Breaking News | Microsoft's Jim Allchin On Longhorn: "CRN: How will you try to integrate laptops and desktops with SmartPhones?
ALLCHIN: We'll have a sync manager in Longhorn to simplify that sync process for phones and other machines. It's [not ActiveSync 4] but a new version of synchronization, a brand new system being done for Longhorn and will have a whole set of wireless support so it can run more seamlessly between work and home and understands the environment.
...CRN: [Regarding the demo of Longhorn's Visual Office search and visualize feature.] Is it based on WinFS? MSN Search?
ALLCHIN: No. It's much more about indexing. It's a much richer view capability built into Longhorn. Visualize and organize goes back to Cairo [an old Windows NT project]. The indexing technology that's in XP and in Windows 2000 is a follow-on of Cairo technology. We have continued working on that technology and it's used by MSN search but it's been in the operating system for awhile. [With Longhorn] it is dramatically improved."

Read the full interview; Barb Darrow asked some great questions.

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