Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Xbox Innovations Expand Video Game Entertainment

Xbox Innovations Expand Video Game Entertainment "As Xbox Live continues to evolve over the next year, the growing worldwide community of online gamers will be enticed by a host of new features:
Xbox Live Alerts. Gamers can receive invitations to play on their personal digital assistant (PDA), cell phone or PC with MSN® Messenger Service.
Xbox Live Web. Xbox Live stats and friends lists will be available to view through a new Xbox site that links to the service.
Xbox Live Aware Games. More games will allow users to be "logged on" while playing, even as a single player, so they can receive invitations and keep up with what their friends are doing.
Teams and Competition. New features on Xbox Live will make it easy for gamers to form teams with friends, and create and participate in structured competitions on the Web and in games.
Xbox Live Now. Gamers will have a place to meet and can use voice chat to determine where to begin their gaming experience. They can decide which game to play and how to team up, and chat after the game.
By this time next year more than 100 Xbox Live games are forecasted to be available, including the most-anticipated game in the industry, "Halo 2," as well as games such as "Counter-Strike," "Project Gotham Racing 2" and every sports game from Microsoft Game Studios."

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