Thursday, May 29, 2003

Ed Brill: Lotus Workplace

Ed Brill: Lotus Workplace "As I mentioned last week in my blog from Munich, the Lotus keynote there described the new concept of Lotus Workplace. You can think of Workplace as a single IBM Lotus platform for collaboration and human interaction. The existing Notes/Domino products, as well as the "next gen" work we have been discussing, are part of the Workplace platform.
In the Software Symposium's Lotus keynote, Doug Wilson, Lotus CTO, discussed how the Workplace technology manifests itself. First, and most importantly, many of these capabilities are shipping today, either through Domino/WebSphere integration tools (portlets, JSP tag libraries, etc.) or through new deliverables such as Workplace Messaging. Second, Doug described new tools to pull together Workplaces capabilities into "centers", which could be task-focused or horizontal in nature. Third, Doug described the tools for developers and business partners to use for building Workplaces, including WebSphere Studio (and the new, nearly-shipping Domino Toolkit), portlet-building tools, the rapid application development capabilities for J2EE that we've been discussing, and a future Workplace Designer. The Workplace Designer tool borrows many of the concepts familiar to Domino customers -- template-driven applications that collect and integrate Workplace capabilities. It will be the right tool for power users to quickly assemble collaborative functionality, as a complement to the more structure development environment of WebSphere Studio."

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