Thursday, May 15, 2003

An official networking mystery

I am losing TCPIP almost every day at ~2:20 - 2:30 p.m. and am totally baffled about the potential problem source. Browser (Windows XP IE) starts getting flaky first, then Notes R6 fails to replicate and reports TCP out of memory; IM clients generally stay alive, however. Anyone heard of weirdness like this with attbi/Comcast? I thought it might a Notes R6 memory leak, or some semi-random interference between Bluetooth and 802.11b (e.g., laptop network driver bug?), but the fact that it's happening at approx. the same time every day (whether I'm using phone + Bluetooth or not) has me wondering... Maybe there's a daily mid-afternoon TIA sweep in my neighborhood?...

Lunch on me (in Boston area) for whoever can solve this mystery; Dell, Sony Ericsson (I use a T68i with a Jabra Bluetooth headset), AT&T Wireless, and attbi/Comcast all essentially say "Gee, that's weird, but it can't be our problem..."

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