Friday, March 14, 2003 - AOL Launches New Tool To Keep Teens in the Fold - AOL Launches New Tool To Keep Teens in the Fold "To upgrade its image among technically savvy Web surfers, America Online is quietly rolling out a preview version of a new product called AOL Communicator. It won't be marketed until this summer but already is being offered to some subscribers. AOL Communicator looks a bit like a souped-up version of AOL Instant Messenger, the hugely popular free software used to hold running online text conversations.
AOL Communicator lets users send more than just instant messages, though. Users can easily send e-mails to the people on their instant-message "buddy list" as well as send e-mail to other people. Since Communicator is always online (provided the computer has a live Internet connection), users don't have to launch another program to send and receive e-mail, or go to AOL's Web site to see if they have a new message. And they can run a Google search inside the program, instead of by opening up a separate Web browser."

An entirely new email client would certainly be welcomed by most current AOL client users...

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