Thursday, March 20, 2003

For Laptops, a New Way to Say 'Fast'

For Laptops, a New Way to Say 'Fast' "The trouble is, Intel treats the Pentium M breakthrough as though it were a mere dot of foam in the Centrino tidal wave. The company gives much more play to the other half of what it calls Centrino Mobile Technology: an Intel wireless card. This radio card, sometimes called a Wi-Fi or 802.11b card, lets a Centrino laptop connect to the Internet in any of thousands of wireless "hot spots" in hotels, airports, coffee shops and, at least in Manhattan, McDonald's restaurants.
The astounding part of Intel's marketing message is its implication that wireless laptops are somehow a new idea - Intel's idea, at that. In fact, wireless networking has been a smash hit with laptop luggers ever since Apple introduced wireless PowerBooks in mid-1999."

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