Sunday, March 09, 2003

News: MS InfoPath: Too complex to follow?

News: MS InfoPath: Too complex to follow? Lots of interesting speculation and opinions in this context, but I think ultimately it comes down to a question of how simple app dev can become in this context -- dynamic, form-centric applications that can tap into external and back-end resources via Web services, ADO, and by using XML Schemas. Not exactly end user stuff, from a design perspective, but if it's simple to create new form instances via InfoPath and SharePoint, I don't think the developer conceptual model is the primary leading indicator of InfoPath's likely market acceptance.


Anonymous said...

Your title indicates that Infopath is so complex that it's confounding and then the first paragraph of you article is filled with meaningless and confounding words and technospeak. So, I look at your article believing from the title that you will dumb-down the explanation so that less tech capable human might understand something about Infopath and you ambush me with the same technobable that I get with Microsoft. What is a guy to do. I am trying to figure out why I want to put it on my computer and I cannot find out what the heck it does. So much for reading your posting as you are culpable of the same gobldegook as everyone else. Be well but NO Thanks!

pbokelly said...

I'm sorry to read your reaction but wish you well in your search for InfoPath info that meets your needs.