Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Microsoft Helps W3C Create Single Site for Web Standards [Microsoft PressPass]

tbd if this initiative will have a sustainable information-value-add proposition relative to other resources; also see a related Google post (from the Chromium Blog)
"Enter Web Platform Docs, a new centralized community resource for Web developers who use HTML5, CSS and other open Web standards to build websites. Web Platform Docs is the culmination of collaboration among the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), Microsoft and other technology companies, including browser-makers Mozilla, Google and Opera, as well as Nokia, HP, Adobe and Facebook.

The site serves as a central repository that provides Web developers with accurate and timely information on the technologies and standards that are crucial to their work. Most importantly, the documentation on Web Platform Docs is comprehensive. It includes information about a browser’s implementation of different Web technologies and best practices on a given feature’s interoperability. "
Microsoft Helps W3C Create Single Site for Web Standards
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