Sunday, October 14, 2012

Two-Step Verification Is Inconvenient, but More Secure -

You're implicitly placing an increasingly bad bet, if you don't use two-factor authentication with services for which it's readily available
"Users of Gmail and other Google services, for example, can elect to have a two-step verification system to protect their accounts. When the system is activated, the user fills in the boxes for user name and password, as usual, but then is sent to another page where a verification code must be typed in. Users may choose to have this arrive as a text message, or they can obtain it by using an app on their smartphone. There’s a backup method, too, in case their smartphone is lost or stolen.
PayPal and Dropbox also offer their users the option of requiring two-step verification for added peace of mind. Many corporate networks have long used this security model, too."
Two-Step Verification Is Inconvenient, but More Secure -
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