Sunday, October 21, 2012

Windows, Staple of Most PCs, Gets a Major Makeover -

More on the Windows 8 great debate
"Mr. Nielsen said that Windows 8 was more suitable for tablet computers with their smaller touch-sensing displays, but that it was not helpful for workers who need to have lots of applications visible at once, sometimes on multiple screens.
“I just think when it comes to the traditional customer base, the office computer user, they’re essentially being thrown under the bus,” Mr. Nielsen said. “It’s not very suitable for any situation where you have to manage complex data.”
Microsoft disputes this idea. Mr. Harris said most test users did not have trouble juggling the two modes — and regardless, workers were more likely to operate in desktop mode if they wanted to see many applications simultaneously. He said that even people who did not use the software’s new interface much would enjoy the way it sped up their computers."
Windows, Staple of Most PCs, Gets a Major Makeover -
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