Thursday, July 08, 2010

New Droid worth lining up for - The Boston Globe

An interesting dimension

Ever hear of DLNA — the Digital Living Network Alliance?

It’s a consortium of tech companies whose products can talk to one another over data networks. Your typical Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer is DLNA-ready. So are many newer TV sets, home audio systems, and now, smartphones.

My home TV and audio system are on the household data network; so is my laptop. I connected the Droid X using its Wi-Fi wireless service. This let me shoot videos on the phone and play them over the TV, without plugging in the phone’s HDMI video cable. Or I could copy music from my laptop onto the phone. Or I could use the phone as a remote control, and order the laptop to play digital music over the living room stereo. The Droid X’s screen even showed the cover of each CD as it played.

Other smartphones can do this. But by putting the feature right out front, the Droid X could help make DLNA almost as popular as Wi-Fi.

New Droid worth lining up for - The Boston Globe

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