Wednesday, July 14, 2010 / Technology - Record quarter for Intel lifts tech sector / Technology - Record quarter for Intel lifts tech sector:

Apparently rather a lot of "trucks" are being sold these days

"Companies, including small businesses, were refreshing their desktop computers in broad-based buying, Intel said. All markets round the world had performed better than the seasonal average.
At the other end of the scale, netbooks appeared to be performing well. After an inventory correction in the first quarter led to speculation that the category was on the wane, Intel reported that sales of its Atom processor for netbooks had increased by 16 per cent, amid strong sales of the latest dual-core version.
Mr Otellini said he expected about 40m netbooks to ship this year and agreed with forecasts that PC units would grow by about 20 per cent overall. Sales had been driven by consumer purchases, particularly of notebooks, in previous quarters, but there had been a return of corporate purchases in the second quarter."
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