Saturday, July 03, 2010 / Technology - MySQL founder appeals against Sun-Oracle merger / Technology - MySQL founder appeals against Sun-Oracle merger:

Good thing Monty Widenius has plenty of money to waste in this sort of futile gesture, since Sun ridiculously overpaid for MySQL AB; it'd be a shame if he, e.g., ran short of funds to use in seeking to destroy (with Monty Program AB) whatever remains of the MySQL AB business model
"On Friday, the MySQL founder told the Financial Times that he did not want to make a full statement until Oracle had responded. But he said he believed the commitments which the US technology group gave vis-a-vis MySQL “weren’t worth the paper they were written on”.

“I would like to see some true commitments”, he said.

Mr Widenius also stressed that he was using his own money to fund the appeal and said that he was acting on behalf of the numerous people who supported an online petition seeking more protection for the MySQL business."
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