Thursday, July 01, 2010

Apple, AT&T Slapped with Class-Action Lawsuit - The Slatest - Slate Magazine

For some detailed analysis, see this page (via Volker Weber)

The first class-action lawsuit against Apple and AT&T for the recently released iPhone 4 was filed in the Maryland on Wednesday. (There is another said to be in the works in California, according to Gawker.) The lawsuit, which Gizmodo has obtained and posted to its website in its entirety, focuses primarily on the problems with the antenna, claiming several breaches of warranty, misrepresentation and fraud. "Apple has been criticized by iPhone 4 users and media for the reception problems that seem to result from its faulty antenna design," Gizmodo reported. "While all cellphones experience a decrease in signal quality when you touch their antenna, the iPhone 4 design puts the antenna all around it, making it difficult to avoid under natural handling of the phone."

Excerpt from the detailed analysis linked above:


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