Friday, August 07, 2009

Information Overload Awareness Day

Perhaps some timely information about … information overload.  Check the overview/agenda for details.  If you’re interested, check the first comment on this post for complimentary registration codes.

A day of high-level interaction, knowledge sharing, and learning about the problem of Information Overload - all without leaving your office.
You'll learn

  • What are the smartest managers doing today to combat Information Overload?
  • What does the problem of Information Overload cost companies?
  • What are possible solutions?

Information Overload Awareness Day


pbokelly said...

I've run across a couple complimentary codes, and neither had any restrictions/requests about sharing further, so... try one of the following:


Albrecht Giering said...

Good idea to get the word out about Information Overload Awareness Day. This is an important issue and a costly one too.

One thing: I don't think that running across complimentary codes entitles you to share them per se, esp. on a Web site. They look specific enough and probably have been sent via specific invitations. Just because there is no admonition NOT to so something does not imply that it is permissible.

Thanks to your post, I looked at the Web site for information overload awareness day and the event looks amazing (I am in part responsible for productivity issues at my employer, a pharmaceutical co. here in Europe). But since the codes you published weren't really sent to me, I paid the $25 fee, believing it is the right thing to do.

I also purchased a set of the Information Overload buttons they are selling. Cool idea.

pbokelly said...

Thanks for the reality check re the comments -- I found one on a blog and another on a mailing list, neither of which required signing up for anything (or usage restrictions), so I consider them fair game. I hope you find the event worthwhile, in any case.