Sunday, March 09, 2008

The trouble with Steve Jobs - [Fortune] Mar. 4, 2008

A timely Steve Jobs reality check in Fortune (the cover story article of the same issue lists Apple as the #1 most-admired company)

What he's accomplished in the past decade has not just restored Jobs to the Silicon Valley pantheon but elevated him to the status of superstar. On the brink of bankruptcy when he returned, Apple now has a market value of $108 billion - more than Merck, McDonald's, or Goldman Sachs; $1,000 invested in Apple shares on the day Jobs took over is worth about $36,000 today. And it isn't just Apple and its investors that have benefited from Jobs' executive skill. Pixar, where he served simultaneously as CEO, has come to dominate the animation business, churning out megahits like "Finding Nemo" and "The Incredibles" that prompted Disney (DIS, Fortune 500) to buy the company in 2006 for $7.5 billion. (Jobs now owns 7.3% of Disney, worth $4.6 billion, in addition to Apple stock worth $682 million.)

Check the full "Trouble with Steve" article for some interesting insights into the non-fake Steve Jobs and his modus operandi

The trouble with Steve - Mar. 4, 2008

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