Monday, March 10, 2008

The Long Term Store cast : It [SQL Server Data Services] is simple, but it is not SimpleDB

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The second point is a bit tricky to make given where the service is today.  Underneath the hood, the service is running on SQL Server.  So the rich capabilities of our server software is all there.  We have chosen to expose a very simple slice of it for now.  As Nigel explained, we will be refreshing the service quite frequently as we understand our user scenarios better.  So you can expect to see more capabilities of the Data Platform to start showing up in our service over time.  What we announced here is just a starting point, our destination remains the extension of our Data Platform to the cloud.  I know you are asking "I need more details and a timeline".  As we on-board beta customers and get their feedback, we will be able to give you more details.  In the meantime,  can we agree that SSDS is simple but it is not SimpleDB.

The Long Term Store cast : It is simple, but it is not SimpleDB

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