Monday, October 01, 2007

Microsoft Helps Businesses Achieve More with Better Connected Computing: Q&A: Jeff Raikes

 Microsoft unveils more "software plus services" details.

PressPass: What is Microsoft announcing today?

Raikes: We are laying out a roadmap for new Microsoft Business Division services and investments designed to increase computing options and break down barriers for everyone from individuals to large corporations. The new offerings and programs that we are announcing today represent the next phase of the division’s strategy for online services. Most importantly, they demonstrate our dedication to and progress in the area of online services.

First, Microsoft plans to deliver a wide variety of new solutions over the coming months under two key families of service offerings: “Live” and “Online.” We believe these choices will provide businesses with the flexibility to choose the software and capabilities that best suit their business needs, whether hosted by Microsoft, on-premise with the customer, or hosted by a Microsoft partner.

As part of this announcement, we are launching Microsoft Office Live Workspace, a Web-based feature of Microsoft Office that enables people to access their documents online anywhere and easily share their work with others. Testing continues on another of our new services offerings, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and I’m thrilled to say that the reception this new offering has received during an early access program has been great.

Microsoft Helps Businesses Achieve More with Better Connected Computing: Q&A: Jeff Raikes, president of Microsoft’s Business Division, outlines how the company’s new services offerings and investments help overcome the challenges of information overload, as well as connecting and collaborating across today’s traditional online boundaries.

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